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Personalized comprehensive assessment and evaluation services for children, adolescents, and young adults.

  • Developmental Evaluations:                                            A developmental assessment aims at the early detection of developmental disorders, including but not limited to attention disorders, cognitive delays, language delays, and autism spectrum disorders. 
  • Autism Evaluations: These comprehensive evaluations are conducted to determine the presence of an autism spectrum disorder, in a child or adolescent.
  • Psycho-educational Evaluations: The main purpose of a psycho-educational evaluation is to better understand the person’s abilities and how these affect his/her learning and the academic environment. These may include evaluations for standardized testing accommodations.
  • Gifted Evaluations: Gifted testing is conducted to determine eligibility for gifted placement in a public or private school. This includes an IQ test and a background questionnaire.

Evaluations are designed to answer parents' questions including:

- Does my child have ADHD and/or a learning disability?

- Is my child in the appropriate school?

- Is my child achieving academically at the level of his same-aged peers?

- Is it just my child's language disorder or is there something else affecting her development?

- Is my child taking too long to complete in-class assignments, homework, or tests?

- Does my child need accommodations during standardized testing (e.g., SAT, ACT)?

- What is my child's learning style, strengths, and weaknesses?

- Should I be concerned with my child's social interactions and communication?

Dr. Patiño-Fernández is fluent in English and Spanish and is capable of conducting evaluations services in both languages. 

Dr. Patiño-Fernández has developed an expertise in conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations. She provides these services in a comfortable and confidential setting.

Dr. Patiño-Fernández personally meets with the family at the initial consultation, administers and scores the assessment materials, interprets the results, writes the report, and meets with the family to discuss the findings and recommendations.

Dr. Patiño-Fernández is also available to meet with school personnel - to ensure interpretation of the results and that recommendations are helpful for the child to receive the attention, supports, and accommodations needed, as well as to help the family and school personnel develop individualized plans to support the child's learning.

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